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Welcome to My Fine Art Landscape Photography Portfolio

Hi, my name is Dave Catley, I'm a Landscape Photographer living in Perth, Western Australia and I'd like to share with you some of my Fine Art Photography here on this site.

Fine Art Photography

is so much more than simply capturing a scene on camera. Our planet is an incredible place and the natural world around us can be simply breathtaking and inspiring.

What I see and feel at that

Decisive Moment

when the camera shutter fires is lost forever once I walk away. All that remains are my memories and a

Visual Slice of Time

. Gone is the warm glow of the sunset, the smell of the flora, the ocean breeze or the bird songs of the forest.

Modern Technology

has given us incredible photographic tools with which to capture what we see, however they still pale in comparison to what the human eye and brain can achieve visually and cannot even begin to capture the ambience and emotion that we feel when looking at natures artworks.

My Artwork

is about the creation of images that provide insight into why I captured a scene when I did, what I saw, heard & felt and what emotions I experienced.

I hope my

Visions of Nature

can inspire you in the same way that I have been

Inspired by Nature


Dave Catley

Dave Catley

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